Gasnor is the natural gas pioneer company in Norway

Our history

Gasnor is a Norwegian natural gas pioneer company. The company started up supplying natural gas to Norwegian industry in 1994 through a pipeline network similar to the European model, and currently delivers natural gas through pipeline network to all kinds of customers, from heavy industry to housing and buses/cars.

Gasnor was early to recognize that if major parts of the Norwegian industry should be able to convert to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel, it would not be practical to distribute gas through pipeline network. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a more appropriate form of distribution over longer distances with difficult topography, as 1 m3 of liquefied gas contains more than 600 times the energy that of 1 m3 in gas phase. LNG not only provides greater flexibility in terms of distribution, it also allows for gas to be used as fuel in ships and heavy duty trucks and buses. Gasnor opened its first LNG production plant in 2003, and has since built two additional production facilities.

We currently deliver natural gas to large parts of Norwegian industry, as well as a growing fleet of natural gas powered ships. In this area, Norway is the world leader, and there is great international interest in the concept that Gasnor has developed for small-scale LNG and fuel for ships. Gasnor distributes LNG by 22 tank trucks and two tankers. Both of our tankers operate on LNG.