Natural gas as fuel reduces damages to your health

Fuel for vehicles

Gas has been used for a long time as fuel in vehicles. In Sweden, there are currently about 40 000 vehicles that use gas as fuel and the number is increasing by about 160 new cars every week. What is new now, is that also heavier vehicles run on natural gas based on the diesel technology. This means that the engine retains all the benefits of a diesel engine, but with significantly lower harmful emissions.

Thus, natural gas as a fuel leads to a significant reduction in local pollution. Another important advantage of natural gas powered vehicles is that they can change directly to the biogas when this is available. Biogas is actually renewable natural gas and has the same properties as natural gas in general. In Sweden, biogas is now greater than natural gas as fuel for cars, and natural gas has built this market for the biogas.

Today, natural gas/ biogas is easily accessible in Haugesund and Stavanger, but also Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim have filling stations for natural gas.