Convenient, safe and economic


Natural Gas is safe, easy and inexpensive and can cover up to 75 % of the energy needs of your home.

Natural Gas consists mainly of methane and is lighter than air. The gas is not toxic.  An odorant is added to detect any gas leaks. Up to the building wall, the gas is coming through the gas pipeline network in the ground.

To warm up a room, you can choose between several solutions:

Water borne heating with pipe loops in the floor or radiators on the wall

The hot water is produced in a gas-fired boiler. The boiler also produces hot water. Even with active teenagers in the house, one is never run out of hot water.

Gas Fireplace

The gas fireplace is easy to light and control by a remote control. Heat output is comfortable. One needs no traditional pipe and it is clean without the mess of ash and particulate emissions.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available today and that provides the least emissions.