Installing natural gas

Connection to the grid

To facilitate your home in the best possible way for efficient use of gas, it is advisable to contact your plumber or gas installer at an early stage in the construction process, so that it can be customized to your needs.

Gasnor provides subscriber cabinets and piping / welding up to the outside wall if  you are to use gas to a hot spot, ie, gas fireplaces, gas boiler, gas fired convector heaters, etc.

The costs of the trench from our valve in the plot until the building wall must be paid by the builder, but this is usually a common trench with other pipes and cables to enter the house. Our interface is at the output of the meter in the subscriber closet.

When digging near a gas network, a digging permit must be obtained .  A Digging Permit is  issued by calling telephone number 09146.

Report to Gasnor your name, address, telephone number and e-mail so that we can register you as a customer when the work with the gas installer is clarified.

Enterprises that can perform gas installation in housing can be found here