A clean and problem solving fuel

LNG – solving problems

You have hardly missed it, nor failed to grasp its profound impact on your business: the increasingly sharp focus on environmental issues and the requirements for reduced emissions. The IMO regulations of sulphur

in Emission Control Areas are only the beginning. The result will be major challenges and increased costs for traditional fuels. In short, it’s a case of “comply or die”.

LN G is the world’s cleanest marine fuel and the obvious key to compliance. By using LNG instead of fuel oil, harmful emissions to the air are reduced significantly and additional costs for exhaust cleaning are unnecessary.

Technology to clean exhaust fumes from sulphur and NOx   for ships burning fuel oil is already available, but the installation and running costs can often be very high and the effects are open to discussion.

 One should also take into consideration that the regulations of emissions will become even more stringent, and the investments done in cleaning equipment for oil today can be of less value in the near future.

By using a clean fuel like LNG, additional fuel gas cleansing devices are unnecessary and the effects are stable and well-documented.

Your ship will be more of a money making machine than a chemical plant for cleaning exhaust gases.