This will be representative data for natural gas from Gasnor

Representative data Natural Gas

Natural gas is odourless, non toxic and lighter than air. If any leakage the gas will rapidly  rise and dilute into consentrations which are not flammeable. There is an additive to Natural gas which makes it possible to detect if there is a leakage.

Physical condition in nature Gasphase
Colour Colourless
Boiling point -162 OC  by 1 atm pressure
Density gas phase 0,804 kg/Sm3
Density liquefied 0,450 kg/m3 (1 atm og – 162 OC)
Gross (Lower) Calorific value gasphase 37 MJ/Sm3 – 10,3 kWh/Sm3
Gross (Lower) Calorific Value liquified (LNG) 5,8 kWh/liter (5,8 MWh/m3)
Methane 82 – 95 % (mol)
1 ton LNG App 1362 Sm3
Selfignition temperature 540 OC
Ignition limitation 4,7 – 14,7 % volum in air
Unit of measure Sm3 (sometimes also kg)


For more detailed information – please see our Safety and Product datasheet.