The most convenient and cost effective way to comply with new and coming environmental regulations

Marine Fuel

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is considered as the preferred fuel in the future. Increased requirements to the environment and reduced emissions from shipping, means that many are looking for a cleaner fuel than those commonly used today. Compared to Marine Gas Oil, LNG will reduce emissions of NOx by 80 – 90 %. Furthermore, dust, particles and sulfur by almost 100 % and greenhouse gases by 20 – 30 % depending on the technology.

By focusing on natural gas, the ship owners demonstrate that they are long term, focus on the economy, environment and their customers, and that they are a shipping company that wants to be competitive in the future.

In Norway, nearly 30 ships are operated by natural gas and the experience is very good. As far as we know, there have been no disruptions caused by gas or gas installations in any of the ships since the start in 2001. Still, the most important indicator of successful operation and satisfied customers is that the ship owners of gas-powered ships reorder.