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HSSE and Quality in Gasnor

Quality and external environment

In Gasnor, we continuously focus on quality and the external environment in all our processes. We document serious comittment to quality and external environment, and will continuously improve our financial and operational results and benefits for customers, employees and environment through:

Being qualified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by DNV.

Major accident facilities

Several of Gasnor’s facilities are encompassed by the Major Accident Regulation. The regulation makes demands on companies that handle large amounts of hazardous chemicals with the purpose to prevent major accidents and limit the consequences that major accidents can have on people, the environment and material values.

Gasnor has both notifiable facilities (§6 enterprises) and safety report bound facilities (§9 enterprises). For the §9 enterprises, Gasnor has prepared information to the public on safety measures.

Safety report bound facilities (§ 9 enterprises):

Notifiable facilities (§ 6 enterprises):

Safety data sheets

Gasnor’s safety data sheets for LNG and Natural gas can be found on Ecoonline

Emergency preparedness

Gasnor has established emergency preparedness to ensure that the organization is able to act efficiently and appropriately to reduce the harmful effects caused by undesirable events. Gasnor’s emergency plan handles incidents that may affect employees, contractors, the public, materials or the external environment. Gasnor cooperate with the local Fire and Rescue Services in the municipalities where the facilities are located.

In the event of serious incidents and accidents, you must first call the emergency services (110/ 112). All of Gasnor’s facilities have a 24/7- manned duty telephone number where operational personnel handle Operations and Emergency Preparedness, see telephone number on the site

Code of Conduct