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Climate-neutral heating from Gasnor

Biogas and natural gas work excellently for heating purposes both in commercial buildings, industry and private use.

Gas is supplied to the outer wall via pipes in the ground. Only biogas can be used in new installations for heating purposes. Existing buildings/ installations can still use natural gas.

From pipe network, biogas and natural gas can be used for various heating purposes. The most common is that the gas heats the water in a boiler. Hot water or hot air is used directly in processes or to transport heat around inside buildings.

In industrial halls and workshops, radiant heaters are used for example mounted under the ceilings (infrared heating). Incidentally, bio-/natural gas is used for industrial purposes, torch cutting, glass blowing, bakeries, fuel for vehicles, cooking and local production of heat and electricity (cogeneration).


Are you planning to use gas in new house or project?

For the best possible facilitation in new buildings, we recommend contacting a plumber/ gas fitter early in the construction process.

How much does natural gas cost for private use?

Gas price: 5,50 NOK/Sm3 (corresponds to approximately 0,5 NOK/ kWh)

Fixed price: 975 NOK/year

CO2-tax 2021: 1,46 NOK/Sm3 (corresponds to 0,133 NOK /kWh)

Connecting fee for new installations: 10 000 NOK

All prices include VAT.

Contact us for delivery conditions.

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